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Welcome to INTEGRA Methodology

Helping EL and At-risk Students for their success 

with sheltered instruction, background knowledge, translanguaging, and

SEL (social and emotional learning)

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What is Integra?

Two-Year-Research to improve EL performance

Integra is an innovative methodology that helps you, as a teacher, to improve the performance of your EL and At-risk students in the classroom and the STAAR® test. Integra acts on 100% of the TEKS for Social Studies 8th grade, yet, its methodology focus on over those that are more likely to be in the test and focuses mainly on those topics.

Integra has two modules:

Module 1: For EL non-newcomer and At-risk students. Using sheltered instruction and Background knowledge (pre-teaching) our EL non-newcomer and At-risk students feel comfortable in the classroom and the STAAR test. They already know the key information before their class.

Module 2: For newcomers students. Their native language is their best tool, it is very important that students be encouraged to continue their native language development. Integra uses translanguaging to help newcomer students to improve their performance in the classroom and theSTAAR® test.

EL non-newcomer students: Students tagged as EL students who do not read and write in Spanish.

Newcomer students: Students tagged as EL who read and write in Spanish.

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Reviewing for the Exam

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8 Grade Social Studies

Does Integra Methodology Work?

Integra had a 23% improvement in EL and At-risk students

For newcomer students. A quantitative research was used taking population samples in Mexico that are more susceptible to migrating to Texas. Public secondary schools of lower and lower social strata were used since the migration of Mexicans to the United States comes mostly from these strata.

For EL non-newcomer students. A quantitative research was used in school district in the border to test our methodology.

Researching and Writing

A Methodology Thinking in ELs

  • This methodology is the 2-year joint effort of linguistics experts and more than 30 years of experience developing EL materials to support EL students in the US educational system.

  • A strict statistical methodology was followed to ensure its effectiveness with population groups similar to those that come to the educational system in the United States.

  • Using shelter instruction and background knowledge tools student feel comfortable in classroom. 

  • As Dr. Cummins states: Conceptual knowledge developed in one language helps to make input in the other language comprehensible. Students have a far more difficult task if they have to acquire both the label and the concept in their second language.


Key Extra Features

  • Top-notch Online Support: Training provided by the Integra team, support for all faculty members, weekly webinars, and online 24/7 live chat.

  • Remote education: The future calls for forward thinking on education, Mavis is an online platform, accessible from anywhere with an online connection. This ensures students can continue with their learning plans be it from home or their classroom.

  • Integra is fully correlated to the TEKS. Teachers will have access to correlate the whole content.

  • Publishing houses: Alignment with all major education publishing houses, will allow top-notch information to be readily available for your students.

  • Complete faculty supervision: Teachers have complete control over their students' and groups' progress. Integra is an aid that aims to provide teachers with the best and fastest learning content full of resources.

Integra Methodology EL.png

How Does Integra Methodology Work?

Our editorial team analyzed all the STAAR® tests from 2013 to today, and, based on the outcomes of this analysis, they developed the content necessary for students to have the largest probability of success in this test. Integra analyzed all of the topics covered in such tests, as well as the type and level of the exercises in the test. With this analysis in hand, we stressed the content in these topics to deeply expose the student to the more relevant ones.

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